PTFE Machined Parts

PTFE machined parts is machined with PTFE, It has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high lubrication and non-stickiness, electrical insulation, high temperature resistance, the working temperature can reach 250℃. Low temperature resistance, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, water and various organic solvents. Good weather resistance and the best aging life among plastics.

PTFE machined parts has different composition, including PTFE unfilled, PTFE glass filber filled, PTFE carbon fiber filled, PTFEMoS2 filled, PTFE POM filled, PTFE bronze filled, PTFE PEEK filled.

Polyimide PI machined parts are machined into films, tube sheet rods, bearings, washers, valves and Chemical pipelines, pipe fittings, equipment container linings, etc.
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