PEI Machined Parts

PEI machined parts is machined with Ultem PEI material, It has the best high temperature resistance and dimensional stability, as well as chemical resistance, flame retardancy, electrical properties, high mechanical performance, excellent heat resistance, chemical stability and creep strength.

PEI machined parts commonly used models are Ultem PEI 1000, Ultem PEI 2200, and Ultem PEI 2300, etc.

PEI machined parts are widely used in electronics, automobiles, motors, aviation industries, microtools/public catering industry, analytical instruments, medical equipment, telecommunications, molded interconnects (MTD), automotive lighting, aircraft interior parts, HVAC/fluid processing, etc. PEI has excellent hydrolysis resistance, so it is used as handles, trays, fixtures, prostheses, mirrors for medical lamps and dental appliances for medical surgical instruments.
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