PPS Machined Parts

PPS machined parts is machined with Polyphenylene sulfide material, is a new type of high-performance thermoplastic resin with the advantages of high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, flame resistance, good thermal stability, and excellent electrical properties. 

PPS machined parts has different composition of PPS unfilled, PPS glass fiber filled,
PPS carbon fiber filled, and PPS bearing grade with 10% PTFE, 10% Carbon, 10%graphite.

PPS machined parts are used as reaction tanks, pipes, valves, chemical pumps, etc. In the mechanical center, pps can be used to make impellers, blades, gears, eccentric wheels, bearings, clutches and wear-resistant parts; The main application is still in the field of electronics and electrical appliances, such as making transformer skeletons, high-frequency coil skeletons, plugs, sockets, wiring racks, contactor drums and various precision parts.
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